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ROMBAUT is an all-natural avantgarde men's footwear concept from the Paris-based Belgian designer Mats Rombaut, launching for Autumn Winter 2013-14.

Artisanally crafted in Italy, ROMBAUT shoes represent a unique crossover between high fashion and ecological awareness. Eliminating toxic and animal-derived substances in the process.

The rough yet minimal designs are executed in fig treebark, a biodegradable material collected in Uganda, hand dyed and crafted in Tuscany. The styles are subsequently coated in Amazon rubber for a new, organic and water repellent finish.

ROMBAUT represents more than just a shoe, but a directional fashion concept designed for a more balanced future.


Bio :

The Belgian designer Mats Rombaut is based in Paris, France. ROMBAUT is his first solo project after over five years experience in menswear accessories development and production in Paris with Lanvin menswear and later the Croatian designer Damir Doma.

He draws inspiration from natural processes and science and translates them into modern objects with the help of traditional techniques, mastered by only few of the remaining artisans in Tuscany.


Press :

"He's honed a luxe, clean, hyper-minimal aesthetic—one would never know that the black or silver shoes, which he constructed from Ugandan tree bark, natural latex from the Amazon, and coconut fiber, were eco-friendly" — Style.com

"It's a rarity to find such a pointed balance of style and global conscience today, so there's no wonder Rombaut is causing a stir in green fashion circles." — Interview Magazine

"With all the waste on this planet and the growth in population and consumption, we are obliged to think about solutions to reduce our impact. One of these solutions is to develop innovative materials." — Mats Rombaut in VMAN


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